Swarovski Sunshine Bracelet, White, Rhodium plated

# 5459594

Swarovski Sunshine Bracelet, White, Rhodium plated

# 5459594

Inspired by the loving warmth between a mother and child, this timelessly elegant bracelet would make an ideal Mother's Day gift. The rhodium-plated design features a radiant sunshine motif with a vibrant canary-yellow centerpiece, and an adjustable chain closure. What better way to say 'You are my sunshine'?


Product Details


Size: 6 1/4 inches

Name Sunshine Bracelet, White, Rhodium plated
Stock Number 5459594
Department Fashion
Type Bracelet
Style Mother, Radiant
Materials Diamond, Rhodium Plated

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Since 1895, founder Daniel Swarovski’s mastery of crystal cutting has defined the company. His enduring passion for innovation and design has made it the world’s premier jewelry and accessory brand. Today, the family carries on the tradition of delivering extraordinary everyday style to women around the world. Daniel Swarovski’s vision was to create “ a diamond for everyone”. He invented an electric machine that cut more accurately than ever before, making the beginning of a new era for crystal.